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Morpheus8 Body delivers minimally invasive body contouring through InMode’s fat and skin remodeling technology. This truly transformative remodeling treatment helps to improve skin tone, texture, and pigment. Morpheus8 Body is great for difficult to treat areas such as the arms, the thighs, and the lower abdomen.

Morpheus8 Body Q&A

What concerns does Morpheus8 Body address?

Morpheus8 Body improves the tone and texture of difficult to treat areas on the body such as the arms, the thighs, and the lower abdomen. Morpheus8 Body tightens the skin, reduces fat, and stimulates collagen production and is an excellent minimally invasive cellulite treatment. Morpheus8 Body is effective for scarring and texture irregularities such as crepey skin on the arms or above the knees. The skin laxity and stretch marks on the abdomen that many women experience after the birth of their children is another great target for this minimally invasive body contouring treatment.

Morpheus8 Body Before & After

How is Morpheus8 Body different from Morpheus8?

The Morpheus8 Body tip is designed to only be used with the Morpheus8 Body handpiece and is the largest of the Morpheus8 tips. The larger tip allows for more time efficient treatment of larger surface areas. The tip contains 40 thin gold coated needles that can penetrated to greater depths that the other Morpheus8 tips. Morpheus8 Body also uses burst technology which allows bipolar radiofrequency energy to be delivered at multiple treatment depths in a single cycle.

What to expect during the treatment

After the topical numbing takes effect the Morpheus8 Body treatments are done on the target areas in about half an hour. You will have some redness that looks like a sunburn for a few days. The treatments are very well tolerated.

PureLee Redefined is an InMode Center of Excellence and head to toe skin tightening center because we share a passion for offering effective body and face contouring solutions rooted in good science.

The doctors at PureLee Redefined Medical Spa in Colorado Springs will help you decide which treatments will help you reach your body contouring goals.

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