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PureLee Redefined is pleased to offer customized IV hydration and nutrition in Colorado Springs. Our immune-boosting cocktails deliver nourishing IV vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream while providing hydration to the body. The therapeutic benefits include improved immunity, enhanced energy and concentration, anti-aging benefits, and optimized metabolism.

IV Vitamin Infusion Q & A

Benefits of IV Vitamins versus Oral Vitamins

IV vitamin therapy offers superior absorption when compared to what a person can achieve by ingesting vitamins by mouth. Our hydrating IV vitamin infusions supply vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the blood stream where the body can rapidly incorporate them at a cellular level to help operate the body more effectively and more efficiently.

What’s In It?

At PureLee Redefined in Colorado Springs, we approach the composition of our IV cocktail with a great deal of scientific thought and consideration. We offer IV nutrition cocktails that incorporate and expand upon what we feel are the building blocks for immunity and wellness. All of our infusions contain a variety of B vitamins including vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc. We can enhance our IV cocktails by adding an amino acid blend which promotes athletic performance and recovery and addresses the muscle loss many of us experience as we age. Biotin, which promotes hair, skin and nail health, can be added for additional enhancement.

What to Expect? How long?

The infusion takes only about thirty minutes to complete once the IV is inserted. Therefore, it can fit in to even the busiest schedules. The hydrating IV vitamin infusion can be done over your lunch break, after work, or after you drop the kids off at soccer practice or school.

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