Skin Rejuvenation Treatments in Colorado Springs

Skin rejuvenation treatments at PureLee Redefined in Colorado Springs are designed to promote overall skin health, provide anti-aging benefits as well as address your specific skin care concerns. We perform a variety of skin care treatments including dermaplaning, SkinPen microneedling with PRP or AnteAGE stem cell solution, VI Chemical peels, Aquagold facials, AnteAGE stem cell micro-channeling facials, Hydrafacials, and more.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments at PureLee Redefined

We offer ZO Skin Health, AnteAge, and Senté products and are adept at selecting the right skin care products to treat your skin care concern and help you look your best.

The right products and the right combination of skin care services will help look and feel your best. Our products and skin rejuvenation services are carefully selected and applied to improve the tone, texture, and contour of your skin.


Having acne is often frustrating, making you feel less confident about the way you look. If you experience acne, or clusters of red bumps on your skin, you don’t have to live with it. Get professional acne treatment & removal at PureLee Redefined in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our experienced aesthetics team offers innovative cosmetic procedures and ZO® skin care products to eliminate acne and give you the smooth, clear skin you desire.

Aerolase Neo Elite® Laser Treatment

The Aerolase Neo Elite laser is an innovative 1064 nanometer Nd:YAG laser that is safe for all skin types. This versatile laser system treats a comprehensive range of skin concerns including, acne, hyperpigmentation, PFB (ingrown hairs), and the effects of skin aging. One of the most advanced lasers available, the Aerolase Neo Elite can help you achieve healthier, rejuvenated skin.


Aquagold’s revolutionary microchannel technology has refined our ability to deliver powerful and effective skin care treatments to the skin while minimizing discomfort. These highly customizable treatments are safe and effective and can be tailored to address your specific skincare needs. Additionally, Aquagold’s advanced delivery system allow us to treat areas that cannot be treated with traditional microneedling, such as the skin of the eyelids.

Chemical Peels

Are you looking to improve the look of wrinkles, dark spots, or acne? The specialists at PureLee Redefined are experts in chemical peels and offer several different types of peels including Vi Peels®, Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels and TCA peels. The result is fresher, younger-looking skin and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, and other blemishes.


Smooth and revitalize your skin with dermaplaning treatments! This treatment offers instant skin brightening and rejuvenation without any downtime. It also enhances the results of facials, peels, and most other aesthetic procedures as it allows deeper penetration of the product.


Pamper yourself with a relaxing facial treatment that helps you relieve stress while restoring the health of your skin. We offer custom facials with options like HydraFacial® to achieve the radiant complexion you’ve been seeking and to address minor skin conditions such as congested, acneic skin, aging skin, dehydrated skin, and skin with pigment or textural irregularities.


Don’t let uneven skin tone and dark skin patches associated with melasma ruin your self-esteem. Our experienced aesthetics team uses ZO® skincare products, AnteAGE® skin products, AnteAGE® stem cell facials, chemical peels, and other innovative melasma therapies to give you the clear, evenly-toned skin you deserve.


If aging skin, pigment or textural disorders, and acne scars bother you, a simple solution is available! The experienced aesthetics team at PureLee Redefined uses the FDA-cleared SkinPen® for microneedling and skin rejuvenation. SkinPen is the first microneedling device cleared by the FDA, clinically proven to safely treat acne scars and stimulate collagen and elastin formation.


Morpheus8 is a subdermal skin and fat remodeling system that takes radiofrequency micro-needling to the next level. Morpheus 8 addresses a variety of skin care concerns including, wrinkles, discoloration, irregular texture, scarring, skin laxity, stretch marks, cellulite, and more.

PFB (Ingrown Hair) Treatment

The Aerolase Neo Elite® offers safe and effective laser hair removal and treatment of “ingrown hairs” or pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) on skin of color. This technology dramatically reduces or eliminates PFB without causing pain or pigmentation changes.


PRP is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that can subtract years from your appearance. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP therapy, uses platelets derived from your blood to rejuvenate skin and give you the youthful beauty you desire.

Skin Tags

Skin tags, or growths that protrude past the rest of your skin, can be unsightly and embarrassing. Fortunately, skin tag removal is easy at PureLee Redefined. We use simple, noninvasive methods to get rid of skin tags and restore your confidence.

Receive the best in thoughtful skin care.

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