July 31, 2019

How Non-Surgical CoolSculptingⓇ Removed Stubborn Fat Rolls for Good

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CoolSculpting - Remove Stubborn Fat Rolls

Unfortunately, Diet and Exercise don’t always remove stubborn fat deposits. The good news is there’s an easier way: CoolSculpting. FDA-approved, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical and scientifically-proven treatment that reduces stubborn fat by up to 25% per session.

Under the supervision of Kenya Lee, MD and Marvin Lee, MD, PureLee Redefined in Colorado Springs, offers expert CoolSculpting consultations and treatments that can help give your dream body.

Get the skinny on fat

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss solution – it’s about eliminating stubborn subcutaneous body fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. The fat that CoolSculpting targets is located beneath your skin in the subcutaneous layer of the body.

Most people have all their fat cells present in the body shortly after puberty. Fat cells can get bigger or smaller, as you gain or lose weight. Subcutaneous fat cells become resistant to diet and exercise. This is why certain fat cells are resistant to even your best efforts. CoolSculpting may be the right answer for you!

How fat-busting treatment works: Non-Surgical Fat Removal

CoolSculpting uses a fat-removing technique known as cryolipolysis that comfortably destroys fat cells by freezing them. The procedure destroys fat cells in a safe, controlled manner. And the treatments are customizable to your specific body needs. There is no damage to the surrounding skin or tissue.

This treatment can dissolve unwanted fat from all the most common troublesome areas, including:

In some circumstances, CoolSculpting can treat multiple areas during a single session.

CoolSculpting just for you

The staff at PureLee Redefined Medical Spa will target your specific areas of concern, making everyone’s treatment unique and customizable. After a thorough assessment, the team at PureLee Redefined will select the appropriate applicator size and contour. A protective gel pad is applied to the treatment area to protect the surrounding tissues. The targeted area of fat reduction is gently pulled into the applicator and once an appropriate placement is confirmed, cooling is initiated. You may feel some minor tugging or numbness, but overall the procedure is well tolerated and discomfort is minimal and temporary.

There is minimal to no downtime and you may resume your normal daily activities that same day. Expect to see results in about three weeks and expect the maximum benefit at six to eight weeks. Each CoolSculpting session lasts about 35 minutes. Following your treatment and the removal of the applicator, the treatment area is massaged. This helps break up your frozen fat cells and make them easier for your body to process. The number of treatments required to reach goals can range from one to three sessions, depending on your goals.

Following your CoolSculpting treatment, you can resume your normal day to day activities. Most patients start to see results in about three weeks after the first session with maximum benefit observed between six and eight weeks.

If you’d like to say goodbye to stubborn fat once and for all, learn if CoolSculpting may be right for you by booking a consultation with Purelee Redefined. Call the office at 719-452-8541 or request an appointment online.


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