October 16, 2023

Can IV infusions replace supplements? Top questions about IV therapy, answered

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If you are seeking an effective and holistic way to boost your overall health and well-being, look no further than IV therapy. Also known as intravenous therapy or IV infusions, this innovative treatment has skyrocketed in popularity due to its potential to deliver both hydration and essential vitamins and nutrients quickly and efficiently.

In this post, we’ll address some of the most common questions about IV therapy to help you decide if it’s time to speak with your healthcare provider about an infusion regimen.

Can IV infusions replace supplements?

IV infusions are not specifically intended to replace traditional oral supplements like pills, capsules, and powders, but they can be a great way to complement your regular nutritional intake.

IV therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream, a method that can be particularly beneficial for individuals with digestive issues or certain health conditions that may hinder nutrient absorption. However, not all nutrients are suitable for IV administration, and some can even be harmful if administered in excess.

Because of this, IV therapy should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet (and supplement regimen, if your healthcare provider recommends it), rather than as a sole source of nutrients.

IV therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

Are vitamins absorbed better in IV drips than in a pill?

Yes, IV vitamin therapy is absorbed more easily than oral supplements. This is because when you take vitamins in pill form, they must pass through your digestive system, where some of the nutrients may be lost or not fully absorbed. IV therapy delivers these nutrients directly into your bloodstream, ensuring greater bioavailability; the body is able to rapidly incorporate nutrients— minerals and amino acids, in addition to vitamins—at a cellular level.

Is there a downside to IV infusion?

While IV therapy offers numerous benefits, it is not without possible risks. Some patients may experience minor pain or discomfort during the IV insertion or, in rare cases, allergic reactions. Rest assured that the experienced team at PureLee will take every precaution to promote your safety and comfort throughout the process, including screening patients for candidacy to help avoid a negative reaction.

How long do the effects of IV therapy last?

The duration of the benefits from IV therapy varies depending on several factors, including the specific nutrients administered and your overall health. Many clients report immediate improvements in energy levels, hydration, and overall well-being. These effects can last for several days, with some individuals experiencing longer lasting benefits as their bodies continue to integrate the nutrients provided.

How many times each week can I get IV infusions?

The frequency that you choose to receive IV therapy depends on your health goals and individual needs. Clients with chronic health conditions or ongoing concerns like age-related muscle loss may benefit from regular treatments, for example, while others may choose to receive occasional IV therapy treatment to boost immunity (i.e. before traveling) or improve performance ahead of an athletic event.

Which vitamins do I need in my IV infusion?

All of our infusions contain a variety of B vitamins including vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc, which we consider to be the building blocks for immunity and wellness.

To personalize your IV infusion, our experienced medical team will work closely with you to determine any additional enhancements that can support your unique health goals and requirements. For example, athletes may choose to add an amino acid blend for performance; those who are interested in cosmetic benefits may choose to add biotin for hair, skin, and nail health.

At PureLee Redefined, we go beyond merely hydrating the body. We source all of our vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from an exceptional FDA-registered 503B pharmacy that adheres to the highest standards for safety and efficacy.

Colorado Springs IV Infusion Therapy

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