March 12, 2020

Open Your Eyes With a Lash Lift

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Lash Lift Process

If you use an eyelash curler every day to achieve more length and allure, then opting for a lash lift is a great solution. Lash lifts are perfect for those that naturally grow very straight lashes that can’t hold a curl for very long. While a lift won’t add volume like eyelash extensions, it does provide a low-maintenance way to maintain high curl and an added appearance of length.

The lash lift process

Though the eyelash lift uses chemicals to create the artificial curl, there is no need to worry about an allergic reaction. This is because the solutions do not come into contact with your skin or eyes. This service takes about one hour where your eyes are shut and your only job is to relax.

Tint for added dimension

If you are tired of the constant struggle of having a “good lash day” or not, try adding a tint to your lash lift! A lash tint is a semi-permanent, non-toxic, vegetable based dye to create the darkest allure.

Are you a candidate?

Eyelash lifts enhance what you naturally have. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that this service will not add a significant amount of length to your lashes and create a dramatic difference like lash extensions. This service makes the most of what you already have. If you have naturally short lashes, the team at PureLee Redefined recommends using a potent lash growth serum such as “AnteAGE Lash boost”

The team at PureLee Redefined is happy to answer your questions about the eyelash lift and tint treatments. Call the office at (719)452-8541 or use the request appointment tool on this page to book your consultation.


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