December 11, 2020

Get to Know Jeuveau

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what is jeuveau

Dr. Kenya Lee and Dr. Marvin Lee at PureLee Redefined in Colorado Springs believe that being comfortable in your own skin is essential to wellness and happiness. Aging gracefully is a core value we hold dearly. So, if fine lines and wrinkles put a damper your self-image. Jeuveau treatment may be the perfect solution for you.

Repetitive facial expressions, collagen and elastin degradation from ultraviolet radiation, and the aging process can create lines and wrinkles on the face which can be softened, corrected, and prevented with the skilled application of Jeuveau by Dr. Kenya Lee and Dr. Marvin Lee at PureLee Redefined in Colorado Springs.

What is Jeuveau

Jeuveau is one of the newer botulinum products on the market but has shown to be especially effective in treating the frown lines that typically occur in a “1” or “11” pattern between the eyebrows. At PureLee Redefined in Colorado Springs we find Jeuveau to also be effective in treating and preventing lines and wrinkles on the forehead and crow’s feet areas.

What to expect from Jeuveau treatment

The doctors will first do an evaluation of your skin and speak with you to determine your treatment goals. They then inject Jeuveau into the muscles being treated using a very fine needle to minimize discomfort and bruising. There is typically some mild swelling that last for 30 minutes to an hour until the medication is fully absorbed and distributed into the treated muscles. Bruising is minimal. The product starts to work within a few days by weakening the muscles in the treated areas. This both softens existing lines and wrinkles and prevents the development of new lines and wrinkles.

At PureLee Redefined we feel that Jeuveau treatment is an excellent adjunct to a good skin care regimen. Give our Colorado Springs medical spa a call at 719-452-8541 or book an appointment online and let Dr. Kenya Lee and Dr. Marvin Lee soften those lines and wrinkles.


About the Author

Marvin Lee, MD is a board-certified aesthetics and internal medicine practitioner serving the community of Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. Lee is the co-founder of PureLee Redefined, along with his wife Kenya Lee, MD.

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