April 15, 2020

Sun Spots — Why they Develop and How to Get Rid of Them

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Sunspot formation

Excess Ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes irregular pigment formation on your skin as a result of overproduction and uneven distribution of melanin. This results in sunspots, a condition that can be managed with the proper products, preventative measures, and procedures. Sunlight and tanning beds are the biggest contributors to an uneven skin tone.

Protection is Prevention

Protect your skin with a well formulated, broad-spectrum sunscreen, ideally one with an SPF of 30 or higher. Wearing clothing and hats are additional protective measures that you can take throughout the day.

Bleaching (and non-bleaching) creams

Bleaching agents like Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, and Vitamin C, prove to be extremely effective in reducing and preventing excess melanin production in the skin. Retinoids in combination with mild steroids can fade light spots over a period of months.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels customized to your particular skincare needs can offer additional therapeutic benefits such as an increased level of skin rejuvenation.

Hydrodermabrasion (Hydrafacial)

Hydrafacial treatments are extremely customizable to suit your specific needs. Additionally, there are specific protocols geared towards acne treatment including blue LED Light therapy.  


Another popular facial treatment that procures a less invasive approach is creating microchannels in the skin to deliver nutrient-filled stem cells. These treatments enhance your body’s innate healing and regulatory responses. 

Planning your sunspot reduction strategy starts by contacting PureLee Redefined. Call the office at 719.452.8541 or use the appointment request link on this page. Send your sunspots into the sunset, and enjoy younger-looking skin this summer.


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