May 16, 2022

Give Back for Good: How to Make A Difference by Supporting Colorado Springs Nonprofits

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Outside of PureLee Redefined, Dr. Kenya and Dr. Marvin are actively involved in our Colorado Springs community. By donating their time, resources, and expertise to local nonprofit boards, schools, and other organizations, Dr. Kenya and Dr. Marvin are proud to support a variety of causes they’re passionate about.

Most people tend to concentrate their charitable giving around the holidays and at the end of the year, but did you know that summer may actually be a better time to give back? Summer can be a challenging season for nonprofits, regardless of their mission.

During the “summer slump” many organizations experience a drop-off in donations as school drives and employee volunteer days come to a halt, and people head out on vacations. For organizations without strong savings and reserves, this decline in contributions may affect their ability to meet their monthly expenses like payroll and utilities.

After these challenging pandemic years for small nonprofits, now is an especially good time for individuals to step up and lend a hand. Plus, volunteering and supporting the local community just feels good and has proven benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Below are ideas for adding volunteer work into your busy schedule, plus 7 of our favorite local nonprofits you can support this summer.

3 ways to fit volunteering into your busy schedule

1. Get the whole family involved. 

Talk to your kids about ways they can make a difference—they are never too young to start! During the summer, kids are home and looking for something to do with their energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. Fun activities such as a car wash, book drive, park clean-up, fun run or walk, yard sale, or lemonade stand can keep the kids busy AND benefit the community by raising funds.

Local nonprofits need both volunteers and donations during summer, so make giving back an experience the whole family can enjoy.

Grandparents may also welcome the responsibility and social interaction that comes with volunteer work, so remember to recruit your older neighbors and relatives to help out too. There is no better way to connect a family across generations than to work together for a greater good!

2. Make the most of what you have.

Too busy? Aren’t we all! Your packed calendar may actually hold hidden opportunities to give back. For example, is your employer holding a summer picnic, or perhaps you’re already planning a family reunion, graduation, birthday party or a neighborhood block party? Social gatherings are great opportunities to raise money for a cause. 

For an easy summer food drive, simply ask each attendee to bring a canned good or homegrown produce to your event. Ways to raise cash include selling raffle tickets for something you’ll provide (yard/house work, hand-crafted items, or home-made meals are options) or selling individual portions of baked goods. You can alternatively simply set up a donation jar for guests at your event—whatever you choose to do, you’ll feel good knowing that you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself.

Mini-fundraisers and virtual volunteering can be easier to fit into busy schedules, using skills and opportunities that are already available to you.

If it’s difficult for you to commit to in-person volunteer work, virtual volunteering is also an option. Contact a local nonprofit that is close to your heart and discuss virtual volunteer opportunities by offering your expertise in accounting, marketing, design, event planning, and more. We all have talents that can be put to good use.

3. Small efforts, Big impact.

Make summer more special by making a conscious effort to donate to one of your favorite nonprofits, or commit to at least one act of philanthropy a month. 

Let’s not forget that simple acts of kindness count, too—helping a friend, neighbor, or family member with home maintenance, pet care, food prep and more. There is something especially rewarding about giving back within your own network of loved ones. 

Organizations to support in the Colorado Springs area

Our charitable passions and interests range from underprivileged populations, to STEM and arts education. Below are some of our favorite local organizations we are excited to support this summer—and beyond!

PPCC Foundation

The Pikes Peak Community College Foundation was formed in 1980 by a group of committed supporters of PPCC in order to raise awareness of the critical impact of PPCC on individuals, families and communities in the region and to generate the resources required to further enrich PPCC’s academic programs, launch new initiatives and provide scholarships for tens of thousands of deserving students.

COS Black Chamber of Commerce

The Colorado Springs Black Business Network recently merged with the Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce with the shared mission to promote, empower and advance black-owned businesses in the area. The Chamber serves as a vital pathway for connecting black business owners and entrepreneurs with the resources needed to help them expand and grow their personal and professional ventures. Members are supported with the information, programming, services and other opportunities to improve their ability to compete in the local market. By advocating for minority businesses we can impact the greater good, providing long-term social equity and economic growth.

Pikes Peak United Way

The mission of the Pikes Peak United Way is to enhance youth success and family stability in the region by leading and lifting the most vulnerable in our community with mentorship, life resources and real job opportunities. Their signature programs and partner agencies focus on connecting youth and families to vital food, shelter, and learning resources so they can thrive.

Court Care

Court Care provides free, drop-in, licensed child care to families that have court-related business in the Pikes Peak area. In the past ten years, through the partnership with Early Connections Learning Center, Court Care has provided a safe, fun, and supportive environment for more than 35,000 children and their families. 

Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice

The Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice (CSSJ) at Brown University is a scholarly research center with a mission to examine issues of social justice and racial equality. These issues of study include the history and legacies of slavery, the impact of anti-black racism on our nation’s educational systems, racial segregation and its persistent structural legacies, and the effects of contemporary human trafficking. Through its research, exhibitions, convenings, and curriculum, the Center has become a leading institution for understanding complexities of public humanities.

The Colorado Springs Conservatory

The Colorado Springs Conservatory provides arts advocacy and performing arts immersion programming which inspires, motivates and challenges students to reach previously unrealized potential. Music and theater are taught through a wide array of classes for youth and adults that expose students to a well-rounded understanding of the art form.

Angels of America’s Fallen

Angels of America’s Fallen supports the children of fallen first responder, military and law enforcement personnel. Their mission is to encourage and fund healthy positive outlets and activities for the children, such as grief counseling and scholarships which empower children beyond their ultimate loss.

Hillside Connection

Hillside Connection was founded in March of 2017 to leverage the game of basketball as a way to create pathways to opportunity for elementary and middle school youth in Southern Colorado Springs. The organization is completely volunteer-led by a group of community coaches and mentors who help participants to build and refine their psychosocial, motor and other valuable life skills. Hillside Connection uses a five-pillar approach towards youth development: sports clinics, enrichment activities, community engagement, competitive leagues, and academic & family support services.

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